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9,49 kWp system in Cologne

14 Jahre


100 qm


9,49 kWp


10,2 kWh

Batterie Speicher

SMA EV Charger



In this system, we have installed a PV output of 9.49 kWp, as well as a 10.2 kWh battery storage and an intelligent wallbox.

The system is divided into two strings and two MPPT. The modules parallel to the roof have a slope of 30 ° and an orientation to the northeast (299 °). The elevated modules have an inclination of 15 ° and an orientation to the southwest (208 °).  All modules are combined with performance optimizers for the purpose of increasing yield, monitoring and security aspects.

The calculated energy yield is approx. 8,000 kWh per year, amortization is achieved after approx. 14 years.  



- 365 Wp glass-glass modules from Bauer Energiesysteme GmbH

- Tigo TS4-AO optimizers

- Altec and K2 mounting systems



The power and data cables were run inconspicuously into the cellar via aluminum pipes and UV-resistant cable ducts.  

This is where the house connection wall with the installed inverters and the storage unit is located. To accommodate all components, the meter cabinet was also completely refurbished and adapted to the current state of the art.

The wallbox is waiting for its first use in the garage. It is directly compatible with the other components and enables, among other things, intelligent charging with 100% own PV power.



- Sunny Tripower 10.0

- Sunny Boy Storage 6.0

- BYD HVS 10.2

- Tigo CCA

- DC overvoltage protection

- SMA EV Charger 7.4 / 22 


In der Garage wartet die Wallbox auf ihren ersten Einsatz. Sie ist direkt kompatibel mit den anderen Kompo-nenten und ermöglicht u.a. intelligentes Laden mit 100% eigenem PV-Strom.

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