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9,49 kWp system in Cologne

12 Jahre


110 qm


3,65 kWp



In this system, we have installed a PV power of 3.65 kWp and an electricity meter.

All modules are interconnected in one line. The roof-parallel modules have an inclination of approx. 30 ° and an orientation to the south-west (208 °). All modules are combined with performance optimizers for the purpose of increasing yield, monitoring and safety aspects - standard in a SolarEdge system anyway.

As you can see, there are already some objects and restricted areas on the roof that make the installation of the system difficult. However, thanks to technical sophistication, 10 modules could be placed.

The calculated energy yield is approx. 3,600 kWh per year, amortization is achieved after approx. 12 years.  


- 365 Wp glass-glass modules from Bauer Energiesysteme GmbH

- SolarEdge P401 optimizer

- Altec mounting system


The cables were run inconspicuously into the cellar via aluminum pipes and UV-resistant cable ducts.  

The inverter was installed in the connection room near the meter cabinet.


To accommodate all components, the interior of the meter cabinet was completely refurbished and adapted to the current state of the art. In most cases, however, a complete exchange of the cabinet is financially more attractive due to the reduced installation time.

Since the customer owns an e-car with a 1-phase charging station, it goes without saying that the correct phase assignment of the inverter and charging fuse was taken into account when wiring. Charging with solar power is possible in this way.

The box with DC surge protection (not visible) was also attached to the wall.



- SolarEdge 3680H including electricity

- DC overvoltage protection

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