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6,08 kWp system in Cologne

Point Blur_Aug252021_210416.jpg


In this system, we have installed a PV power of 6.08 kWp and a home manager.

All modules are interconnected in one line. With a slope of 36 ° and an orientation to the south (5 °), high energy yields of over 1,000 kWh / kWp are expected.  All modules are combined with performance optimizers for the purpose of increasing yield, monitoring and security aspects.

The calculated energy yield is approx. 6,100 kWh per year, amortization will be achieved after approx. 16 years. Additional costs such as the meter cabinet, the scaffolding and other ancillary work are of course taken into account. In this way, the PV system also refinances any pending renovation of the house electrical system.



- 320 Wp glass-glass modules from Solarwatt  

- Tigo TS4-AO optimizers

- Altec mounting system




The power and data cables were led under the roof cladding into the cellar via conduits and UV-resistant cable ducts.

The house connection wall with the installed inverter is located here. To accommodate all components and to comply with relevant standards and safety requirements, the customer's meter cabinet was also completely renovated and adapted to the current state of the art.

Other components attached to the wall are the DC surge protection and the box for controlling the Tigo optimizers.



- Sunny Tripower 6.0

- Tigo CCA

- DC overvoltage protection

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